Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Movie Making Magic!

Students in Digital Literacies II have produced an Introduction Title Sequence for a fake TV series on Baseball - and have posted on YouTube, and embedded the video in their blogs.

Next, they will explore the numerous "Freegal" resources available to them via links in their course website (LimestoneDigital - CM412) and through VideoBlocks, a subscription service for video and audio sources. (The subscription fee is paid for access for the class by the department, password will be provided in class.)

Students will produce a short audio-video montage on a topic of their choice using legal-use audio, video and images - and will post the video on YouTube and embed it in their blogs.

Here are a couple examples from their colleagues in the previous year's class:

Shay likes Sushi, obviously.

Brandon likes Summer, it seems.

NOTE: These examples use popular music that is not in the public domain. Our 2018 Students will look for FREEGAL music to compose their productions. ALSO - students may incorporate these examples into their portfolios to show off their editing chops!

Friday, November 3, 2017

Drinking from the Digital Firehose

Students in Digital Literacies will be developing tactics to handle the constant deluge that is our modern digital reality. They will read: an Interview with Richard Lanham, and "Untangling the Web Through Digital Aggregation and Curation."

They will apply their knowledge into developing a strategy for handling the daily flood of digital information. They will polish heir social media profiles and set up HootSuite to handle their daily social media interactions.

Then, they will set up Flipboard to aggregate research from contemporary sources; then they will set up a Pinterest board to curate their relevant findings from the resources they discovered from Flipboard.

Their research topic for Aggregating and Curating is SOCIAL MEDIA.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Shaping Your Personal Brand in the Digital World

Students will be giving attention to how they "look" online. They will begin to shape and monitor their personal brand by analyzing and evaluating their digital presence.

  1. They will read this blog and view the video in the blog: RESUMES, DIGITAL FOOTPRINTS, and ONLINE ETHOS!
  2. They will use the BRAND YOURSELF tool (free version) to monitor and improve their online presence.

    • They will begin by completing the Brand Yourself Profile set-up.
    • They will run a report card and a social scan.
    • They will work through the steps (following the guidelines provided) to boost each site - paying SPECIAL ATTENTION to writing a good solid profile that communicates their BRAND VOICE. 
  3.  They will discuss their work in our next class.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Back to the Old Drawing Board

Students in CM410 have taken brand personality surveys, researched numerous approaches to website building, developed brand guidelines, built style sheets, and reflected on how their web presence can carry their personal "voices."

NOW, they will plan their websites by creating two pre-design tools:

First, a Site Map indicating all the components and content they want to publish on their websites.

Secondly, a Wire Frame of their home page indicating the layout of elements on the page.

They will also continue to experiment with 360 photography, and will click on links on the class website to check out just how much their iPhone knows about them...

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Weekend Web Warriors

Our students are laying the groundwork for the "style" of their websites, social media and promotional materials. Here is what they will be doing:

First, they will survey some student websites for ideas and inspiration as to what they want (and what they don't want) in their own websites. They will make a list of features, information, layout ideas, and organization approaches from other student sites like these:
They will also revise their own Style Sheet / Brand Guidelines and reflect how they can incorporate their brand voice into the website they will build.

PLUS - they will practice showing their brand voice by REVISING / REDESIGNING their BLOGS! 

Of course, they will also be experimenting further with 360-3D photography by re-shooting their photo re-creations for Tuesday! For example: I re-shot one on my photos with Google Cardboard Camera, downloaded the image, and posed it in the website to make the embed code for viewing in my blog.

Tod Hido's Original Shot
My 2D re-creation

My 360 / 3D re-creation of the shot using cardboard camera.

Sunday, October 1, 2017

(Photographically) Channeling Hido and Baltz

Professor of Photography Brett Schenning visited our class to discuss photographic composition, and gave us this provocative exercise...

First assignment - appreciate and recreate Todd Hido's shot from "Excerpts from Silver Meadows"
Copyright Todd Hido
 Todd Hido discusses the "Excerpts from Silver Meadows" photos:

My attempt at recreating Hido's Photo:
without filter
with Instagram Filter
See also: 

Like Todd Hido, I drove around in my car, waiting to see the right sun at the right angle for the composition. I took a couple that worked - one from my moving car through the dirty driver's side window - and then this one, from the parking lot of a closed business. This allowed me to "frame" the shot with the windshield of my car. I splashed water on the window and shot with different focal points to vary the bokeh effect. Then, to imitate Hido, I used Instagram's Mayfair filter.


Next assignment: appreciate and recreate Lewis Baltz' shot from "The New Industrial Parks near Irvine, California 1974"
Copyright Lewis Baltz

Lewis Baltz talks about his work in a video interview produced by the Tate:

My attempt to recreate the Baltz photo:

I drove around to several industrial buildings before settling on this shot - the side entrance to the massive delivery area of Hamrick Outlets in Gaffney. The vent lines echo (perpendicularly) the lines of the blinds in the Blatz photo, and the shadow play from the awning imitates Baltz use of the plants' shadows.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

For Fun: Some Cool Freegal Fotos

I avoided my go-to faves, and discovered some cool evocative images from other sites in our huge collection of Freegal Pics. Go ahead - click on them and explore their source sites!

from the National Archives
Autumn in the Hamlet Bornste (from Wikimedia Commons)
by Dietmar Rabich - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0
The Fifties in 3D (From the National Archives UK)
Retro Fifties Lady from
Bicycle Leaning Against Yellow Wall from SplitShire
Sign Post on Tropic Island Beach by Ed Gregory from Stokpic