Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Upsetting the Old Media Apple Cart

In this section of Intro to Digital Literacies I, students will consider how new media is changing the power structure once dominated by a handful of old media organizations. The will listen to (and watch) a lecture by Michael Wesch: "An Anthropological Introduction to YouTube," and will consider how the web changed the landscape of communication, entertainment, etc. (Their blog posts will reflect select illustrations and information in the lecture that provoked their thinking.)

From Chris Anderson's
The Long Tail

They will also consider the implications of new media's impact as it relates to business models, commerce, and other concerns by reading selections from Chris Anderson's The Long Tail, paying special attention to the history (and future) of "The Hit."

Watch their blogs for insightful commentary as the prepare their minds to engage communication in the brave new world of the digital age.

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