Friday, March 28, 2014

Putting Presentation Power To Work in a Pecha Kucha Package

Students will combine a number of techniques from class discussion and exercises, ranging from Garr Reynolds' Presentation Zen Tips to the Assertion-Evidence Approach (and much more) to create an engaging presentation in a "liberating constraint" called Pecha Kucha!

Pecha Kucha is an intentionally innovative mode for presentations that require presenters to use only 20 slides and to speak for only 20 seconds per slide  - for a total of 400 seconds in a presentation! It forces communicators to think carefully about the visual communication taking place in each slide - and to write carefully to maximize the verbal communication in each slide.

Students will begin developing a Pecha Kucha presentation which will showcase all their knowledge in the course topics - and will present their masterpieces LIVE as part of their final project requirements. Check out the class resources here:

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