Monday, February 15, 2016

A Project of Their Own!

Students will be writing, directing and producing a short 3-piece video on the "Artifacts from the Future" Exhibit. Their productions will each contain: an interview, a scripted selection performed by "talent," and a performance piece from the director!

In preparation for Tuesday's mixing/post-production session, students will have completed the following:

  1. Complete a storyboard, and take a photo of the finished storyboard and post in ON THE BLOG, along with reflections of the planning process.
  2. Use the storyboard to Make out a SHOT LIST, and post this on the BLOG, too!
  3. Using the shot list as a guide, students will shoot all the video you will need for the production. (including B-roll, establishing shots, etc.)
In class, students will work on importing the video, mixing your clips to make the storyboards "come to life," and even choosing bumpers, stingers, and background music. (Students may find sound ideas here: )

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