Tuesday, August 21, 2012

And So It Begins... Again

The adventure of Digital Literacies begins - again... 
Some of you are returning for Part Dos - Welcome Back!
And some of you are entering Digital Literacies for the first time - Welcome!

We will use this blog space - and your connected blogs - for our ongoing class discussion for both classes this term. You will link your blogs to those in your class - but you can come here to see what students in the other section are doing. Occasionally, we will have a combined classes open discussion. It should be synergizing and fun... if synergizing is a word. (And I think it is because I just made it up if it weren't already.) Anyway...

Digi Lit I (CM 410) Students - Take Note - Complete Before Friday's Class:
Getting Started with Blogger

  1. Create a Blogger blog and customize it to your selection of colors, etc. (You will revisit and redesign it many times throughout the course - so just get something you like that is easy to use and easy to read.)   Click here to go to the Blogger Help Guide.
  2. Watch the Video below. Then think about these questions:
    • When you were a young child, what did you imagine the future would be like? What inventions, improvements, changes?
    • Which of these things have come about so far? Which of these things have not come about? Do you expect some other facets of your vision of the future will come about soon?
    • What things developed that you would never have imagined as a child? What would the "child you" think of this future?
After watching the video and considering the questions - post your first blog entry about your thoughts.

Digi Lit II (CM 412) Students, Take Note - Complete Before Friday's Class:
  1. Revisit your blog and make sure it is still functional. Give it a "Spring Cleaning" facelift to freshen it up. 
  2. Visit the Smartphone Museum in Granberry Hall and pay attention to these features:
    • The content - tracing technology in areas such as music, pictures, movies, teaching, etc.
    • The use of QR codes. (If you have a smartphone, you will need to download a QR scanner and log into the Granberry Wi-Fi to explore the material.)
    • The use of Facebook as a "landing page" for discussing the exhibit.
After visiting the Museum and interacting with the exhibits, post your first blog entry of the term about the exhibit.

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