Monday, August 27, 2012


Digital Literacies students are knocking the rust off and getting underway in a couple of meaningful ways this week.

CM 410 Students will be digging into two seminal readings this week. They will read:
  1. Kevin Kelly's "Becoming Screen Literate" from the New York Times, and 
  2. Nicholas Carr's "Is Google Making Us Stupid?" from The Atlantic.
  • Before Tuesday at Midnight, they will post a blog entry responding to this prompt: **Reflect on Kevin Kelly’s comments on a “Second Gutenberg Shift”- What is changing in the way we “read” and “write” in current media practices? What are the implications for you as a student? As a member of society? As a new professional in your career? 
  • Before Friday's Class, they will post a blog response to this prompt: **Reflect on Nicholas Carr’s comments on Nietzsche’s typewriter – How have new media changed your habits and style of composing and communicating? What are the implications of your observations? What other things stood out to you in the "Is Google Making Us Stupid Article?"
CM 412 Students will be tackling a client-based print design project that incorporates QR codes and that displays the best practices of semiotics, design, color theory, appropriate typography and visual rhetoric. Watch for their work to be displayed on their blogs soon - and around campus! 

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