Monday, February 11, 2013

Analyzing & Imitating Style

Students will look at this print ad piece as an artifact to be analyzed, and as an exemplar for reflecting style.

Students will use an expanded Design Analysis Worksheet to analyze design principles of Contrast, Repetition, Proximity and Alignment,as well as Font/Type issues of Consistency, Contrast and Conflict. - and discussion of color as related to meaning, mood, complementarity, etc.

Students will also invent an ad that displays similar style considerations, e.g. use of fonts, alignments, image, proximity, etc. They will use images that have proper legal permission for use, such as public domain, creative commons, copy-left, etc. They will find an abundance of resources prepared for them at Dr. Nick's Delicious Links.  (They may especially like MorgueFile.)

They will post their creations alongside the original, along with thoughts from their analyses on their blogs. 

They will also post a separate blog entry with brief descriptions of various licenses for digital images, such as:

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