Monday, April 29, 2013

Showing Off: Portfolios and Rationales

Students will compile complete their work for Intro to Digital Literacies I by compiling their work in a "digital portfolio," complete with "rationales" for their projects.

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The Portfolio will include examples of:
  1. Rhetorical Analysis of a Digital Media artifact
  2. Design Analysis of a Digital or Print artifact
  3. Original Digital Photography composition
  4. Digital Print Design project
  5. Digital Presentation slide design
  6. Blog Design (visual and interactive elements)


Each example will be accompanied by a written explanation of the sample, a description of the production process, and a discussion of all considerations that went into the design. The rationale is the opportunity for the student to explain their learning to thei blog audience, which may include faculty, family, colleagues and potential employers.


The Portfolio will be delivered via the student's blog - either as blog entries OR as a separate page on the blog. Entries may be labeled Portfolio Entry #1, Portfolio Entry #2, etc. and will include images, links, screen caps, video, etc. needed for the examples, with the written rationale accompanying the examples.

The portfolio will be shared with colleagues during the final exam period, and will be available to the student for research, reference, and other use after the class ends.

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