Friday, August 23, 2013

Sometimes Free Stuff is Really Free, But...

In our CM412 class (Intro to Digital Literacies II,) we will be tackling video editing soon. In preparation, we will explore some places we can find music, video, and images that we can use without threat of lawsuit. So, let's get underway by:
  1. Learning a bit about Copyright - and copyleft, and public domain, and Commons licenses. visit a blog entry here that will provide you with resources to understand these issues:
  2. Exploring some permission-granted resources (Audio, Video & Images) at the Rhetoric Soup website:
  3. Gathering material into a central location (folder, flashdrive, cloud location,etc.) to be used for a Sample Editing project - a 30-60 second commercial.
  4. Documenting the source for each picture, song, video clip, etc. - noting the source, the author, the license, etc.
 So... get to gathering, but remember that not all free stuff is free. (And there is nosuch thing as Google images.)  Just ask Buddy the Elf.

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