Wednesday, September 11, 2013

I Shot the Sheriff... with two cameras and several angles

Students will put together their knowledge of their digital video "vocabulary" (and their skills at shooting and editing) o prepare an introductory video for their blogs, websites, portfolios, etc.

During this project, they will review class materials such as:
CC 0.0 (public domain) Photo from Pixabay!
  1. Various camera shots and angles
  2. Interview Do's & Don't's
  3. More Interview Tips
  4. Writing the Interview Questions
  5. Shooting B-roll interview filler
  6. Storyboarding
Before directing the shoot, students will storyboard their project, compile interview questions, create a shot list assign roles, set-up the shoot, review equipment, weather, lighting and other considerations.

Then... they will direct, shoot and edit a great introduction video!

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