Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Sample for Baseball Opening

Digital Literacies students worked on a project to learn and apply various elements of video editing available in Premiere Pro. They were given a music sample and flag video clip (licensed for educational use from Video Blocks,) along with three still images (public domain from the Library of Congress.) They put these together to make an introduction/opening for a documentary about baseball. The instructor's "quick and dirty" sample looks like this:

Some of the tasks I completed while making this clip:
  • cutting a video clip into two segments
  • dropping in a music clip for background
  • shortening a music clip
  • "fading out" a music clip
  • adding title
  • adding photos and resizing photos for frame
  • fading in - and out - title
  • fading in photos
  • cross-fading between photos
  • "Ken Burns" Effect - rough cut - on still photos
  • fading video to black
  • and more...

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