Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Planning the Video Composition

http://www.equalpayday.com.au/Resources/Pictures/video_icon.pngThis week, CM412 Students will write and storyboard a short piece they will do based on the "Artifacts from the Future" exhibit in Winnie Davis Hall of History. Students will research one of several options (Jetsons, Star Trek, Back to the Future, Isaac Asimov) and will plan a short video feature that highlight some interesting facts about The Future of The Past.

Keeping in mind the Rule of Thirds, the 180-degree Rule, and considerations of lighting and framing, students will plan their shoot, and will take photos to build a storyboard for production. They will post their photos in their blogs, and will use captions to indicate narration, script, effects, music, etc. in each scene.

A scene from the Spielberg "one-r"
As a bonus, they will search for my favorite "one-camera shot" by Spielberg that precedes the unusual line "That's one bad hat, Harry." Clues were given in class, and should not be discarded. Images are important. Since we are not Spielberg, we will use a number of shots to tell our video story - and we will plan them by using storyboards!

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