Friday, January 18, 2013

Blogging: It's What's for Dinner!

In class, CM 410 listened to Arcade Fire's "We Used to Wait," and began discussing the shifts from literacies of the page to literacies of the screen. They explored the interactive version of the song via "The Wilderness Downtown Project," and discussed how "being connected" affects our lives.

Over the weekend, our bloggers will be expanding the functionality of their blogs by adding active blog lists of their fellow CM410 bloggers, and will be posting some reflections on a couple of important articles about digital literacies.

I wouldn't be surprised if some even begin adding other gadgets, like quotes or weather or news - and maybe even adding images to their blog entries. At the very least, they will add hyperlinks to their readings, such as the ones to these articles:

It should be interesting to see what a weekend will bring with our digital explorers.

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