Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Exploring New Digital Literacies

Our students have dealt with some interesting new approaches to how technologies are shifting and growing to accommodate the literacies demanded in our new digital world. One such example was the "searchable videos" at TED Talks, where a viewer can search the transcript and go directly to that part of a digital talk. You might explore this technology by viewing this talk by Kevin Kelly on technology. (Turn on the transcript in your choice of languages and follow along.)

We will also be exploring how a classroom incorporates real-time digital devices by using Via Response. The students will log-in to to access this digital enhancement of our course. (This element of the course can be accessed by smartphones, tablets, laptops - or even our lab desktop computers, which we will be using mostly.)

AND... since our Digital Literacies Students are now becoming bloggers, they will work together to answer the question, "What Makes a Good Blog?" by exploring the top blogs of the last couple of years:

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