Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Look at this Photograph (Is it Legal-use?)

This image is a single frame from the video "Photograph" performed by Nickleback, copyright holder SMG 2007. This image is used for educational purposes in a class that examines copyright issues, and its use will have no bearing on the value or commercial use of the work from which it was taken.
Students in the Digital Literacies Class at Limestone have been working in various ways with images: rules of composition, lighting, digital publishing, intellectual property licenses, and more. They are finding "freegal" (free and legal-to-use) images, and identifying the licenses from a range of CC, Copyleft, and Public Domain permissions. They are even drafting a "Fair Use Statement" for their use of an image in a class project.

 copyright licenses

What's next? Hmmm... well, students will tackle two significant exercises:

  1. They will explore semiotics in imagery and color - and try their hands at Making a Movie Poster with "freegal" images. 
  2. They will experiment in (brand) new media composition by re-shooting some of their shots in 3D VR! (They will learn one way to "publish" VR photos in the RhetoricSoup Blog HERE.)  or direct link to the site here:
Watch for their work - in which they will post their 3D photos in their blogs - just as I did this image taken by my granddaughter:

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