Thursday, September 29, 2016

Look at This (VR/360) Photograph!

Knowing: Each of our colleagues contributed an article from their research on Virtual Reality to this weekend's reading assignments.Students will read each of the articles, and post a brief blog entry on insights gained from each article.
Doing: Students will try their hand at VR photography with the Cardboard Camera App for Droid or iPhone. They will
  • shoot both 2D and 3D/VR shots of their colleagues, 
  • shoot both 2D and 3D/VR of an assigned building on the Main Campus Quad, and 
  • re-shoot 4 shots in VR similar to the ones they shot in 2D for the photo composition assignment.

Making: Students will "publish" their VR photos to their blogs (via links and embedded interactive imagery) using the SPHCST site.Their blogs will contain he images assigned above, and will serve as the basis for our discussion on "remediating" new grammars and rules for the emerging medium of VR photography. This publication will establish the sudents as "pioneers" in the field.

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