Thursday, September 15, 2016

Untangling the Web: Digital Aggregation and Curation things that makes "New Media" new is that these media have not yet formed all their rules, grammars, best practices, etc. That is to say, that even though students explore these media without dear, they are, indeed, pioneers - blazing trails adn discovering paths of literacy. 

In this digital curation project, students learn to design meaning in, and through, digital media. The goal of the project is to help students develop, not a specific grammar or a taxonomy, but rather a workable approach for forming grammars, methodologies, heuristics, etc. where none exist as standards. A set of methodologies that handles the flood of information in the digital age will be in much demand. 
Students in the Digital Literacies class will use Flipboard as a tool of aggregating (gathering) information on a specific topic "Virtual Reality." They will use Pinterest as a tool of curating (organizing and displaying) their findings from the research in Flipboard.

Students will share their Flipboard findings (Magazine) - as well as their Pinterest collections (Board) in their blogs. These examples will serve as example for them on how to use such tools for research on other topics in contemporary digital publications.

Here is an example of my own VR Research Magazine in Flipboard.

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