Tuesday, October 15, 2019

World's Easiest Hyperlinked Mid-term!

After reviewing the initial student website designs, members of the class will post a "Mid-term Blog Post" containing links to the following:

  1. Link to (your favorite) blog post on images - photo composition, freegal resources, etc.
  2. Link to (your favorite) "thought piece" blog post - on articles, process, etc.
  3. Link to HootSuite Certificate for completing HootSuite Platform Training.
  4. Link to Brand Guide/Style Sheet (11x17 document) 
  5. Link to one Social Media profile you have revised.
  6. Link to Student Website (with bio, thoughtful organization, and design that reflects personal brand guide, space for your Portfolio, Social Media Links, and an external page link to your blog.)

Thursday, October 10, 2019

Hoot Suite Training for Social Media (Parts 1 & 2)

For the weekend, tackle the first 2 Units in our Social Media Marketing Training Plan for your HootSuite Certification! 

Complete directions and links are in the attached document:
HootSuite Academy
- Units 1 & 2

No tests for the materials, but work through the materials thoughtfully and carefully - paying attention to the in-chapter reviews. Also - see the recommended reading selections I've highlighted in the pdf.

Web Building Resources

The link to your Weebly web-building portal:

A friendly helpful guide to Weebly:

A detailed "walk-through" of creating a site in Weebly:

The student websites will reflect the student's' personal brands by being guided by their style sheets. Their functionality will be built to reflect the intentionality and purpose of their navigational maps.

Each Student website will contain these basic elements:

  • Portfolio
  • About Me
  • Resume
  • Social Media Links
  • Blog (external page)

Thursday, October 3, 2019

Using our Brand Guides to Update Our Social Media Profiles

Students have reviewed their personal brands and have revised their style sheets, as well as articulated their personal and professional vision and goals. They will now apply this work to creating quality social media profiles. 

The article linked below from HootSuite Academy shares numerous templates to spur on ideas for shaping the profiles for each of the student's social media profiles (Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.) There is also a link at the end of the article to a Google Doc with editable templates.

Students will re-write the profile/bio/about me sections using these guidelines, and will post a blog entry with links to each of their social media profiles.

class code: z1ygdy

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Personal Brand: Reflections and Revisions

Students will work through the interactive article "Personal Branding 101" by Lisa Quast (interactivity layers by Dr. Nichols) via the InsertLearning Link below. (Keep in mind that the "discussion questions" are shared among all colleagues for collaborative learning benefits.)

class code: z1ygdy

After completing the interactive article assignment, students will reflect on their findings, and will apply their design skills to creating a composite image in the tradition of Robert Weingarten's "Portrait Unbound" (see videos below) - using original photos and other images to create a collage/montage that reflects their own "brand." They will post these images on their blogs with reflections on the process.

Students may use design programs like PhotoShop, Illustrator, Indesign, etc. to create their "Portraits unbound."
AFTER completing the project, students will use web-based collage makers from Adobe Spark or Canva to make a representative collage.

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Begin Refining Your Research Topic in the Area of Social Media

Student in Digital Communications class will begin refining their research topics in the area of Social Media. Ideas the students are investigating range from identity and catfishing to the impact of social media posts on careers. There are a plethora of potential connections to social media, including privacy, advertising, safety, marketing, education, etc.

Students will use search engine tools, as well as tools like Flipboard, Pocket, or News360. Students will sort through articles of interest, and will put the most relevant articles in a Pinterest Board to share their research.

Refining the subtopic will allow students to find a focus for a term-end presentation on their findings at the Student Symposium or other venues.

Thursday, September 26, 2019

Social Media Training

Digital Communicators will be taking advantage of the HootSuite Training over the weekend as they work towards professional certification.

They will review the Introduction to HootSuite here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bg1BcNDXBi4 

  • They have already begun to optimize the look and feel of their social media accounts by building a header for each platform that reflects their brand guidelines and style sheets.
  • They have connected their social media accounts to HootSuite and organized their dashboards.
They will all begin (in class) the HootSuite Platform Training in the HootSuite Academy.

Over the weekend, they will complete  the training and take the certification exam in the module.