Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Our Spring Term Client: Cherokee County History & Arts Museum

Cherokee County History & Arts Museum

Students from Dr. Nichols' Digital Literacies II class have begun work on a 3D-360 Virtual Tour for the Cherokee County History and Arts Museum.

Students, in collaboration with Museum Directors and Curators, are making plans to build a Virtual Tour of the museum, and will begin shooting spherical (3D-360) imagery with VR cameras, and building the navigational elements using theViewer software. The Virtual Museum Tour will be available on the museum website, and can be viewed using a web browser, smartphones, or VR headsets.

Students will also work with museum staff to refresh the social media presence of the museum, launch a promotional campaign for the VR Tour, host a celebratory on-site event, and build a social media dashboard for the organization. The Virtual Tour is expected to launch April 2019.

Monday, February 25, 2019

Mid-term Status Report

At mid-term in the Digital Literacies II course, students will review the work they've done to this point, and will post a blog containing surveying their work in the first half of the term.

A) Each student will post links to their work on 10 assignments:

  1. Machinima and remix – link to blog reflections and examples
  2. Video Editing – link to blog entries with baseball intro + at least 2 other video clips and reflections
  3. Camera Shots Vocabulary – link to  shooting the vocabulary video and reflections
  4. Using a Shot List – link to blog with music video, documents and reflections
  5. What is the state of VR in 2019? link to blog entry with research links
  6. 360 Photography – link to 2 sets of Cardboard Camera shots and reflections
  7. Interview and Lighting Basics – link to notes & 2 interview video examples
  8. Updated Resume – link to resume on website
  9. Script and Shot List for Digital Video Resume – submit via print, email, or link
  10. Updated Portfolio – link to portfolio on website (provide short explanation of recent changes)
B) Each student will also post a short, but thoughtful, general reflection on their work at mid-term, considering questions such as:
  • How has my work helped me understand more about the world of digital communication? 
  • In what areas do I have a natural "knack," or enjoyment, or frustration, or interest?
  • How do I envision using my knowledge from CM410 and CM412 in my career?
  • What professionalism goals will I set for myself for the remainder of the term?
  • Etc.?
They will post their responses and reflections BEFORE Thursday at 1:50 pm.

Thursday, February 14, 2019

VR Photography Trial Run!

Students will shoot some photographs in 360/3D and contemplate how the new medium demands new grammars.

Download and set up Google's Cardboard Camera on your Smartphone.
Take 5 360/3D photos around campus, activities, home, etc. and post them to your blog.

Here's how to post 360 Cardboard Camera pics to your blog or website.
Go to https://sphcst.com/upload and post your pics.
Use the SHARE button (bottom left) to bring up the embed code.
Place the embed code in the HTML code of your blog to post interactive 360 photos.

Post a few thoughts on your photos, answering such questions as:

  • How do I use existing rules of photography to take good pics in 360?
  • What rules no longer obtain in the new medium?
  • What are some issues I need to address with new grammars?
 We will also compare Cardboard Camera 360 photos with spherical images like this (shot with a Theta S camera) spherical image:

Limestone College Digital Literacies students prepare to work in Virtual Reality! #mylimestone #theta360 - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA