Friday, April 11, 2014

Investigating Best Blogging Practices

CC3.0 -
Students will investigate a list of "Best Blogs of 2013" from DailyTekk - as well as TIME Magazine's list of "25 Best Bloggers of 2013." They will peruse the wide variety of blogs, observe how they function as a communication tool for a wide range of concerns, and see just what makes these blogs "the best."

Students will review 4 blogs with this selection criteria:

They will write a brief review of the fours blogs they selected, and will provide a list of tips from each blog relating to these areas:
  1. Best Visual Practices (Design, color, use of photography, use of fonts, layout, etc.)
  2. Best Verbal Practices (Topic treatment, content, writing style, ethos, etc.)
  3. Digital User Experience (Navigation, interaction, collateral content, social connectivity, etc.)
Students will post their reviews and share their "best practice findings" on their blogs.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Get Your Act Together! (and your links, too)

As students work towards completing their Pecha Kucha presentations, they will be delving into many digital resources, ranging from video clips to informative blogs, from legal-use images to online magazine articles. How can they keep such disparate digital information sorted, saved, organized and available from anywhere?

Glad you asked! Students will explore digital Curating Tools and will set up a board, topic, category, wall, etc. on the curating site of their choice! They will share how they use these links in class on Wednesday. Students will use curating sites such as: