Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Video Editing Basics

Digital Literacies students will tackle the software to edit video - with a view to producing their own video projects for the course. While editing software is only a tool - and is useless or worse without guiding principles of design and communication - tools are still important. Tools shape the "rhetoric" of our compositions. (See comments from Kittler on Nietzsche's typewriter.) So - Students will delve into learning the tools by:

Monday, August 26, 2013

Gathering Digital Material While Ye May

Our Digital Literacies Students are gathering a few digital pieces for their inaugural video editing samples. Here are some sources they are likely to find some useful pieces to work with:
 Of course, students will not the creator/author/producer, and the site where the arifact was obtained, as well as the license under which the material can be used.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Sometimes Free Stuff is Really Free, But...

In our CM412 class (Intro to Digital Literacies II,) we will be tackling video editing soon. In preparation, we will explore some places we can find music, video, and images that we can use without threat of lawsuit. So, let's get underway by:
  1. Learning a bit about Copyright - and copyleft, and public domain, and Commons licenses. visit a blog entry here that will provide you with resources to understand these issues:
  2. Exploring some permission-granted resources (Audio, Video & Images) at the Rhetoric Soup website:
  3. Gathering material into a central location (folder, flashdrive, cloud location,etc.) to be used for a Sample Editing project - a 30-60 second commercial.
  4. Documenting the source for each picture, song, video clip, etc. - noting the source, the author, the license, etc.
 So... get to gathering, but remember that not all free stuff is free. (And there is nosuch thing as Google images.)  Just ask Buddy the Elf.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

2013 - The Year We Make Contact?

Welcome, digital literati of the 21st-century!
You will use this spot to check for assignments, find documents and other media, to link to your colleagues blogs, and to form a mini-network of fellow digital composers. (So, yes, in a way, we will make contact - with a brave new digital world!) Let's get started with a simple assignment that will help us connect to each other and establish a place to express our digital creativity:

Digi Lit II Students - Take Note - Complete Before Friday's Class:
Getting Started with Blogger

  1. Create a Blogger blog and customize it to your selection of colors, etc. (You will revisit and redesign it many times throughout the course - so just get something you like that is easy to use and easy to read.)  
  2. Watch the Video below. Then think about these questions:
    • What is my experience with digital media - e.g. blogs, websites, social networks, etc.? Particularly with digital video?
    • How has my world changed since the introduction of YouTube? Can you categorize and describe some of these changes?
    •  How is online video (YouTube, Hulu, Amazon, Vimeo, etc.) different than television?
    • What are some implications (social, spiritual, educational, professional, etc.) related to the brave new digital age that is shaped by our online connections, including video?
After watching the video and considering the questions - post your first blog entry about your thoughts.