Thursday, November 14, 2019

Student Symposium on Digital Communication

Brandon - Catfishing
Joy - YouTube Influencers
Maren - Social Media Reputations
Nick - Cyber-bullying and Trolling
Alec - Getting Fired for Facebook
Morgan -

Deadline: November 18

Here is the link to the application: 

We will be presenting as a panel - each student doing his own Pecha Kucha Presentation.
View the video below for tips on the Pecha Kucha format.

Weekend Website Work

Students will review examples of "best practices" by looking at other students’ (and young professionals’) personal websites:
(Students will also glance at the Muse's 35 Best Personal Websites We've Ever Seen)

Students will use the information from the article, and ideas from teh examples to revise and complete their websites. In their Blogs, students will provide a link to completed work for each of these items:

  1. Home/Landing Page
  2. About Me/Bio Info
  3. Resume
  4. Portfolio (various work by student: writing, design, art, photography, research, experience, etc.)
  5. Social Media Research Page (preparing for Student Symposium Panel.)
  • Special Interests Page
  • Hobbies Page
  • Job-specific Page for potential employers
  • Community/Issues Page

Thursday, November 7, 2019

Web Page Titles and Descriptions: SEO starting points

Weekend Work for CM410 Students:

1. Using what you've learned from our exploration of computer algorithms from professional vetting services, make a fearless, no-holds-barred examination of your social media content, cleaning up any posts that would raise any of the "red flags" we discussed: alcohol, drugs, profanity, sex, bigotry, bullying, or polarizing topics. Be prepared to discuss changes you made.

2. Apply your knowledge of SEO and Usability requirements to re-write your Page Titles and Meta Tag Keywords, and Met Page Descriptions for your most important pages in your website.

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Social Media Audience, Advocates, Influencers

Digital Communication Students will complete units in HootSuite Academy on building a community of social media advocates. (The growing HootSuite Curriculum can be found on the class WEBSITE.)

  1. Students will post 3 QUESTIONS on their blogs to stir discussion in the next class. (Questions should be a mix of "big picture strategy" and "detailed tactics.")
  2. They will also write a brief "plan of attack" on how to build an advocate community for their own personally-branded website.