Thursday, February 1, 2018

Cameras, Tripods, and Shooting the Vocabulary!

Students will acquaint themselves with their newly-assigned digital cameras, learnign the ins and outs of settings, downloads, footage organization, etc.

Then, they will produce a "Video Vocabulary" consisting of examples of the following shots:
(CC0 -
  1. Wide Shots (Wide, Very Wide, and Extremely Wide)
  2. Mid-shot
  3. Medium Close Shot
  4. Close-up
  5. Extreme Close-up
  6. Cut-ins & Cut-aways
  7. Two Shot
  8. Over the Shoulder Shot
  9. Noddy Shot
  10. POV Shot
  11. Dolly Shot (aka Trucking or Tracking)
  12. Pan (left/right)
  13. Tilt (up/down)
  14. Following Shot
  15. Zoom (in/out) 
Examples can be seen here: