Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Rick Rollin', Rollin' Stone, and Screen People

This week, our students will be tackling these assignments:
  • Knowing - Reading Kevin Kelly's "Becoming Screen Literate"
  • Doing - Playing around with Bob Dylan's ROLLING STONE INTERACTIVE(Get a good desktop computer and a fast connection and wait for it to load completely - it may take a while to load - be patient. If it doesn't load for you - at least you can see what it would have been like with this YouTube video.)
  • Making - 
    1. Posting a blog response to the article by Kevin Kelly. Discuss any points on which you agree, disagree, question, etc.
    2. Posting a blog response to the BobDylan.com song. Deal with coding, interactivity, production, entertainment value, or other issues of interest.
    3. Rick Rolling someone! Be creative in using hyperlinks and setting up your victim. Record the experience and be prepared to share in class on Thursday!

Is Google Making Us Stupid? Really?

This week, our students tackle Nicholas Carr's seminal article "Is Google Making Us Stupid?"
They will also learn to link to this blog, too - AND the blogs of their colleagues!