Monday, February 29, 2016

Mid-term Reviews

Students will prepare three (3) blogs to review their work thus far in CM412:

  1.  "Baseball" Sample and learning digital editing software (SHOW/EMBED the VIDEO)
  2.  Storyboards, Planning and Shooting for a project (SHOW/EMBED the STORYBOARDS)
  3.  "Artifacts from the Future" Project (SHOW/EMBED the VIDEO)
Each blog/presentation will answer the following questions thoroughly:
  • What did you DO?
  • How did you apply class learning to your work?
  • What did you learn that you might apply to your communications practices in the future?
We will share our findings IN OUR BLOGS and in discussion in Thursday's class before Spring Break.

Monday, February 15, 2016

A Project of Their Own!

Students will be writing, directing and producing a short 3-piece video on the "Artifacts from the Future" Exhibit. Their productions will each contain: an interview, a scripted selection performed by "talent," and a performance piece from the director!

In preparation for Tuesday's mixing/post-production session, students will have completed the following:

  1. Complete a storyboard, and take a photo of the finished storyboard and post in ON THE BLOG, along with reflections of the planning process.
  2. Use the storyboard to Make out a SHOT LIST, and post this on the BLOG, too!
  3. Using the shot list as a guide, students will shoot all the video you will need for the production. (including B-roll, establishing shots, etc.)
In class, students will work on importing the video, mixing your clips to make the storyboards "come to life," and even choosing bumpers, stingers, and background music. (Students may find sound ideas here: )

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Mixing it up: Video Editing

Students will use Premiere Pro (and provided video, audio and photos) to recreate the 25-second introduction to a fictitious documentary called "Baseball: America's Pasttime."

In doing so, students will demonstrate their learning of the program interface, importing collateral, using photos, layers, timeline, transitions, effects, editing clips before and after insertion to the timeline, titling, the Ken Burns effect, and exporting to various video formats (in this case, a format suitable for YouTube.)

They will upload their videos to YouTube and embed them in their blogs (or upload them directly to their blogs) with additional prose commentary on the process.

Students will build on the instruction in the classroom, but can find additional support at sites like these:

Adobe has some helpful links to instructions and video tutorials to help you get started HERE.

A couple of tutorials you might have particular interest in are these:
  1. Managing & Viewing Assets
  2. Dynamic Slide Shows (aka the "Ken Burns Effect")
MORE HELP Available at the Course Website!

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Lights, Camera, Direction, Production, Action!

This week, CM412 students will have completed their storyboards for the "Artifacts from the Future" shoot - a project in which they will:

Next week, they will enter post-production to edit, enhance and deliver a finished video highlighting a part of the "Artifacts from the Future" exhibit.