Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Midterm-ish Exam

As a way for students to display their learning and to exhibit their analytical skills, they will engage in a Mid-term exercise where by they perform a full and complete Design and Rhetorical/Semiotic Analysis of a Print Ad. This will require research into the context of the ad, as well as application of their understanding of fonts, colors, images, etc.

Each student will be assigned one of the following examples as the focus of analysis:
  1. American Cancer Society: Michael Douglas
  2. Water is Life: Grapefruit
  3. IKEA: Valentine's Day
  4. Toyota: Rock Slide
  5. PlayStation: Beach Grenade
  6. Israir Travel Agency: Jeep
Students will use their Design and Semiotic/Rhetorical Analysis Worksheets to show off their mad analytical skills and considerable communicatin' knowledge!