Thursday, January 12, 2017

New Year, New You (the online YOU, that is!)

A new term begins with a new look at our online presence.

As this blog and video indicate, our online presence is more visible, and more important, than we may realize. We will refresh our knowledge of our online presence tools, like Weebly and HootSuite, and will read an article titled "How to Design a Memorable Brand."

We will note the elements that will go into making the "brand" that represents us - then use tools like Canva, Spark, Endesign, Illustrator, Weebly, etc. to make the brand vision take shape. We will revamp our social media presences (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Etc.) and use our branding vision to reshape our websites.

After our "brand" is reflected in our online presences, we will begin to optimize our presences using BrandYourself to promote our online presence and remove negative search results.

All our resources for this phase of the course are included in our Class Website.The result of our efforts will be an online presence that is positive, authentic, and accessible to our audience.