Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Putting the Tour to the Test: refining the VR Experience

This week, our students are reviewing their "Beta" version of the VR Tour and making notes for improving the final version. Each student (along with outside reviewers) will share comments in their blog to be discussed in class, and will work together to address these issues in the VR Photo Shooting Plan.

One outside reviewer shared these thoughts:
  • Take more shots of Dixie Lodge student center, such as the billiards area, loung area, etc.
  • Take shots of other areas of of Dixie Lodge, such as mail room, student services, etc.
  • Take shots of other computer labs in Hamrick.
  • Take a shot of classroom in Montgomery.
  • Take a shot upstairs in Library.
  • Enter into the main floor entrance in Winnie Davis.
  • Take a shot of classroom in Winnie Davis.