Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Welcome Fall 2018 Class!

This is the Instructor's Blog - or as we will call it, the Class Blog. You will check here for reminders of assignments, summary instructions, and other feedback from the Professor. This page will also feature links to your colleagues in this section (and to colleagues who have gone on before you.)

You could think of this as a "hub" for our class bloggers, but in reality, each of your own sites will, in pretty short order, be "hubs" of their own, connecting with your colleagues.

The main site for resources will be our Limestone Digital Class Website. (Blackboard contains only syllabus, but it is hyperlinked to these sites and other digital resources.)

Bookmark this blog site, as well as the class website, and you will be off and running!

Now let's get this show on the road...

I wonder how many of you found this article: "The Six Laws of Technology."