Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Pecha Kucha, Promotions, and Portfolios!

Students are putting the final touches on their Pecha Kucha presentations for the Student Symposium on Friday, December 6 in Winnie Davis Hall 104. They will use their social media accounts, as well as their HootSuite Social Media dashboard, to promote their talks. They will post the promotional samples (see examples below) on their blogs!

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Sample schedule for posting

In Thursday's class, students will get a "checklist" to help them prepare their portfolio defense presentations for Final Exams.

Students will also complete their HootSuite Social Media Certification Exam during Final Exam Time at the HootSuite Academy Site here: https://education.hootsuite.com/courses/take/social-marketing-certification/brillium_exams/45317-social-marketing-certification