Thursday, November 21, 2019

Pecha Kucha Samples, Preparation, Practice

Students in Digital Communication 1 class are preparing to participate in the Student Symposium on December 6 on the campus of Limestone College. They will present individual talks on various aspects of Social Media in a shared session.

Students have already compiled research, written a thoughtful presentation on Social Media, molded a Pecha Kucha speech from their work - in 20-second segments - and have developed a shot list of images for their presentation.

Over the weekend they will:

1. Watch some sample Pecha Kucha presentations from sites like Pecha Kucha's official website, or simply search in YouTube or Viemo for "Pecha Kucha" to find examples like this one:

2. They will carefully word-smith their presentations to meet the 20-second constraints of the presentation form.

3. They will careful prepare visually powerful slides from their own original art, and from "freegal" resources - carefully attending to citation issues.

4. They will develop visual promotion materials (for a "save the date" type announcement) for their social media platforms, announcing their upcoming Pecha Kucha presentations and participation in the Student Symposium. (Date only at this time - specific time and locations are forthcoming.)

Students will present their "first-run" practice in class on Tuesday, December 3 - and will post their first promotions in social media, and activate their followers, community, etc.

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